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Get life insurance.

Term life insurance coverage. Hero style!

Competitive Pricing

As an independent life insurance agent, Melissa works to find you the best rate. You'll get prices from top rated life insurance companies.

Fast & Friendly Service

Melissa strives to provide ALL her customers world class service by answering questions quickly with a friendly demeanor.h.

Family Coverage

If you need coverage for the entire family, Melissa has plans that can offer the best packaging.

Business Coverage

For businesses Melissa provides coverage for key personnel, buy sell agreements and SBA loans.

Ever wondered...
How life insurance can protect your home front?

About Melissa

Melissa Schreur has 15+ years helping consumers choose the best insurance protection. As a military spouse, she is dedicated to delivering world-class service to her customers. 

Insure The Heroes Life Insurance Agency is owned and operated by Melissa. She helps military families(past & present), parents and business owners secure affordable term life insurance coverage. 

As an independent life insurance broker, Melissa offers plans from top-rated companies. Check out the blog and social media for resources and case studies to help you pick the life insurance plan that works for your needs. 

Customers reviews

"After I got married, I realized the importance of life insurance, but I felt overwhelmed when I started researching policies. Melissa found a great rate for my life insurance policy and tailored her suggestions to my unique situation. She patiently explained the policy and was helpful throughout the process. I highly recommend Melissa."
Sydney Waddle
"As my husband and I worked with Melissa to obtain a life insurance policy, she made the entire process easy and took time to explain everything to us. Legal paperwork is never easy for me to comprehend and Melissa simplified the process; she has been a pleasure to work with as she guided us through preparations for taking care of our family's future! We can't thank her enough for her help."
Amanda Smallwood
"When our financial adviser suggested we buy extra term life insurance and exchange one kind of policy for another. I called Melissa along with three other large insurers to see which would come through with the best offer. Melissa won hands down for both policies. No one could meet the price even after I showed competitors their quotes."
Laurent Belsie

Services and information provided are not provided by the U.S. Military or Veterans Affairs. This site provides life insurance information and sample quotes from Insure The Heroes, Inc. an independent life insurance brokerage. Request a quote for formal life insurance estimates.

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