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Affordable life insurance plans. Hero style!

insure the heroes life insurance plansSearching for life insurance plans can be a daunting task! Who has time these days to call several companies? Using a life insurance broker, like Insure The Heroes, saves you not only time, but MONEY.

We all like saving money. Especially on insurance premiums!

Insure The Heroes, Inc. is an independent insurance agency helping families find cheap life insurance. It’s no secret that consumers don’t like paying too much for insurance! Melissa Schreur is a life insurance broker who works with top rated companies. She always strives to find the best life insurance rates based on your specific situation.

Be cautious of online life insurance prices. It’s always best to consult with an experienced agent before applying online. When you buy life insurance, companies look at several lifestyle factors. A good agent will help you be sure you are choosing the right one. 

Making sure your loved ones have enough of a death benefit is how you can provide them with financial security. No one knows when or if they will die. It’s better to be prepared and protect your loved ones before it’s too late. 

Melissa specializes in helping military families(past & present), parents and business owners. 

See what she can do to protect your family today 844-514-LIFE

Competitive Pricing

As an independent life insurance agent, Melissa works to find you the best rate. You'll get prices from top rated life insurance companies.

Fast & Friendly Service

Melissa strives to provide ALL her customers world class service by answering questions quickly with a friendly demeanor.h.

Family Coverage

If you need coverage for the entire family, Melissa has plans that can offer the best packaging.

Business Coverage

For businesses Melissa provides coverage for key personnel, buy sell agreements and SBA loans.

Top Rated Term Life Insurance Companies

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sbli life insurance
protective life insurance
north american life insurance
foresters life insurance
transamerica life insurance
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aig life insurance
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Get Pre-Qualified for Life Insurance!

 Here’s the deal, online quotes do not apply to everyone. Companies price each person based on their unique health issues and lifestyle. The best way to determine your price for life insurance is to work with an experienced, independent agent.

If you get an online quote, it’s not an accurate representation of what to expect.

Complete the questionnaire below to find out the real deal on your life insurance quote. That way you can make an informed decision instead of applying with the wrong company and being surprised after the fact. Nobody likes that! If you prefer a preview of what’s out there you can use the quoter on my pricing page here. Just remember it’s just a really, rough idea of what company’s charge for life insurance plans!


Life Insurance Articles

sgli during shutdown
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Are Military Death Benefits Paid During Government Shutdowns?

Military families are resilient and can handle a lot of challenges. It’s what makes us a unique and a vital part of our nation’s defense. Many service members cannot do their jobs well without a firm foundation at home. Every year we dread the news that government operations will cease and paychecks will be on hold for an unknown period of time.

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how much does life insurance cost
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How much does life insurance cost?

How much is life insurance per month? You’re not the only person looking for the average life insurance cost! There is a plethora of insurance products and insurance companies out there for life insurance. Consumers, like you, are looking for cheap life insurance rates. Truthfully, there really is no average life insurance premium!

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how much life insurance do i need
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How much life insurance do I need?

A rule of thumb for life insurance is to purchase 7-10 times your income. While this may be a quick and easy way to calculate the amount of life insurance needed, there is a more accurate method. It’s best to use a life insurance needs calculator. This is also referred to as a needs analysis or calculation formula. To make it easy you can use an online life insurance calculator.

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when to buy life insurance
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When to Buy Life Insurance?

Knowing when to buy coverage makes the process knows when they are going to die. However, there are times when purchasing life insurance is common. You may be wondering “at what age should I get life insurance?” Generally, getting life insurance at a young age is best. Premiums are cheaper when you are younger.

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Services and information provided are not provided by the U.S. Military or Veterans Affairs. This site provides life insurance information and sample quotes from Insure The Heroes, Inc. an independent life insurance brokerage. Request a quote for formal life insurance estimates.

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