Affordable life insurance plans. Hero style!

Searching for life insurance plans can be a daunting task! Who has time these days to call several companies? Using a life insurance broker, like Insure The Heroes Inc. saves you not only time, but MONEY.

We all like saving money. Especially on insurance premiums!

Insure The Heroes, Inc. is an independent insurance agency helping families find affordable life insurance. It’s no secret that consumers don’t like paying too much for insurance! Melissa Schreur is a life insurance broker who works with top rated companies. She always strives to find the best life insurance rates based on your specific situation.

Be cautious of online life insurance prices. It’s always best to consult with an experienced agent before applying online. When you buy life insurance, companies look at several lifestyle factors. A good agent will help you be sure you are choosing the right one.

Making sure your loved ones have enough of a death benefit is how you can provide them with financial security. No one knows when they will die. It’s better to be prepared and protect your loved ones before it’s too late.

Melissa specializes in helping military families(past & present), parents and business owners. 

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Military life insurance benefits

Most military members and spouses do not fully understand their life insurance benefits! It’s important to consider whether or not the SGLI and FSGLI provides enough coverage for your family. It’s also imperative to know how these plans continue after the military.

Life insurance after the military

When Active Duty member transition from the military their SGLI can continue through the VGLI program. However, it is NOT AUTOMATIC. The VGLI is a competitive plan when a member cannot get insurance on their own, is offered a tobacco rate or a very high price due to a health issue. Additionally the Survivor Benefit Plan is available for retiring families.

Affordable life insurance plans

It’s a good idea to shop around for life insurance! As an independent broker, Melissa can assist you by checking the prices of approx. 20 A rated, reputable companies. Since most companies are similar in their pricing it is important to compare features and financial stability.

Business life insurance

Business owners need adequate life insurance to ensure their entrepreneurial efforts are protected.  Whether it be funding a buy sell agreement, protecting a key employee or personal coverage Melissa has expertise to help find the right plan.

Getting the right pricing and information

Here is where most people get stuck! Online quoting tools are not an accurate representation of what you will be actually offered if you choose a company. Life insurance is more involved since almost ALL carriers will ask for detailed health/lifestyle information to make an offer. This is why working with a broker can take the leg work out of the process. Many times consumers find out after they apply a company offers a higher price and sometimes a decline.

Here is where you can check the prices that Melissa can offer you!

Choosing a good, financially stable company

Consumers are bombarded with options to choose a life insurance company these days. Melissa recommends checking a company’s financial stability by verifying their 3rd party ratings and assets. If you need assistance with this, just ask!