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Compare your options for ACA/Exchange, Employer Coverage, Short Term, Fixed Benefit and more! Finding quality, affordable health insurance may be easier than you think. Save yourself time AND money by shopping with an experienced broker!

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3 Easy Steps

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Answer a few questions

Before Melissa can offer you a plan that will work best she’ll ask you a few questions. This helps her understand your situation fully to customize your insurance plan in a way that is the most affordable.


Receive several quotes

As an independent broker, Melissa chooses to work with the best insurance companies. She understands that you have choices and will check several plans on your behalf. You’re busy! Insurance is not something you want to hassle with but it’s really important. Melissa will help turnaround quotes to you in a timely fashion.


Chat with your broker, Melissa

When your quotes are ready, Melissa will schedule a walkthrough of the options. She won’t leave you in the dark to interpret them by yourself! You can ask ANY questions and include your loved ones in the presentation.


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