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  1. Downloadable, mobile friendly PDF covering military family life insurance advice.
  2. A recap of the SGLI, FSGLI and VGLI issues during and after the service.
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  4. The video tips are brief ranging from 1-2 minutes on each topic.
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  6. Videos 1-4 cover the most crucial considerations during military transition.
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What Your Learn in the Brief

  1. Learn why your work life insurance isn’t that great.
  2. How to calculate the amount of coverage you need.
  3. Choosing your primary and back up beneficiary.
  4. Special considerations for parents.
  5. Choosing a policy length and type.
  6. Determining a budget for your policy.
  7. Common riders(add-ons) and what they offer.
  8. Whether or not you need an exam to apply.
  9. What happens if you have health issues.
  10. Underwriting factors that affect your rate & approval.
  11. How to decide on a plan and company.
  12. And More!

Melissa fills in all the gaps!

Who is this brief for?

Most anyone looking to understand their life insurance options!

That being said the materiel is customized for the following:

Military Members & Spouses

Parents(new and seasoned)

insure the heroes life insurance

Veterans & Retirees

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