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The Truth About Online Quotes

Melissa, how much will it cost?

You want a price now. I get it! Despite what anyone tells you, it’s just not that simple. One thing I can tell you is that life insurance is WAY more affordable than you think. Studies show consumers overestimate the cost of coverage by 3-5 times. 

That means you can easily fit buying a policy into your budget. Why don’t I show rates on my website?

Here’s the deal, life insurance prices are calculated by insurance carriers who review several factors of a person’s health and lifestyle profile.  

Although you may find online quoters across the internet, your rate is NEVER finalized until the company has a chance to do underwriting. 

Getting a quote online for life insurance isn’t ideal. The best way is to speak with a qualified professional. They can give you your options in just a few minutes. 

Working with an agent allows them to shop around for you taking a lot of legwork off your plate. When you choose me as your agent, you won’t get any high-pressure sales speech. Just quality, life insurance information. 

Together we’ll come up with a life insurance strategy that is designed to truly protect the ones you love. 

That my friends is how you get the right price on life insurance.

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Customer Reviews

"After I got married, I realized the importance of life insurance, but I felt overwhelmed when I started researching policies. Melissa found a great rate for my life insurance policy and tailored her suggestions to my unique situation. She patiently explained the policy and was helpful throughout the process. I highly recommend Melissa."
Sydney Waddle
"As my husband and I worked with Melissa to obtain a life insurance policy, she made the entire process easy and took time to explain everything to us. Legal paperwork is never easy for me to comprehend and Melissa simplified the process; she has been a pleasure to work with as she guided us through preparations for taking care of our family's future! We can't thank her enough for her help."
Amanda Smallwood
"When our financial adviser suggested we buy extra term life insurance and exchange one kind of policy for another. I called Melissa along with three other large insurers to see which would come through with the best offer. Melissa won hands down for both policies. No one could meet the price even after I showed competitors their quotes."
Laurent Belsie

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