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Get pre-qualified and shop top rated life insurance carriers!

Get pre-qualified and shop top rated life insurance carriers!

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Let me be your life insurance broker!

Regardless of whether or not you are ready to secure a policy, Melissa is available to chat with you about your life insurance needs. Don’t worry, she doesn’t use high pressure sales tactics!

During this call she will ask you a few pre-qualifying questions and provide you a price for quality protection.

She will answer any questions and explain how it works to get started. Securing life insurance isn’t as difficult as you thought. Schedule a call with Melissa today! Call/text (305)900-6736

insure the heroes life insurance plans

Insure The Heroes is an independent, life insurance brokerage. 

As a broker, Melissa Schreur, offers competitive, term life insurance coverage from top rated companies. With 16+ years of experience she helps her customers pick the plan that fits their specific needs.

Melissa offers the following life insurance services:

  • Analysis to calculate coverage needs
  • Portfolio design to choose policies
  • Consultation for add ons and riders
  • Beneficiary review and discussion
  • Preliminary estimates for rates
  • Application monitoring to approval
  • Policy contract overview and copy
  • Annual or life event check ups 

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Services and information provided are not provided by the U.S. Military or Veterans Affairs. This site provides life insurance information and sample quotes from Insure The Heroes, Inc. an independent life insurance brokerage. Request a quote for formal life insurance estimates.

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