Life Insurance 101 Playlist!

What Your Learn in the Videos

Work Life Insurance

Learn why your work life insurance isn't that great.

Coverage Calculation

How to calculate the amount of coverage you need.


Choosing your primary and back up beneficiary.


Special considerations for parents.

Policy Types

Choosing a policy length and type.


Determining a budget for your policy.


Common riders(add-ons) and what they offer.


Whether or not you need an exam to apply.

Health Issues

What happens if you have health issues.


Underwriting factors that affect your rate & approval.

Making a Decision

How to decide on a plan and company.

And More!

Melissa fills in all the gaps.

Get Pre-Qualified for Life Insurance!

 Here’s the deal, online quotes do not apply to everyone. Companies price each person based on their unique health issues and lifestyle. The best way to determine your price for life insurance is to work with an experienced, independent agent.

If you get an online quote, it’s not an accurate representation of what to expect.

Complete the questionnaire below to find out the real deal on your life insurance quote. That way you can make an informed decision instead of applying with the wrong company and being surprised after the fact. Nobody likes that! If you prefer a preview of what’s out there you can use the quoter on my pricing page here. Just remember it’s just a really, rough idea of what company’s charge for life insurance plans!


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