Life insurance 101 Video Series

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What You’ll Learn in the Brief:

Is this really worth your time?

Many of my clients have found the life insurance 101 videos to be extremely helpful when learning about their options. No one has time to drive to an insurance office for hour long presentation! 

Each video is about 1 minute and you can watch straight from your inbox. Tune in on the go or as you multi-task through-out your day. You’ll receive 2 videos a week over an 8 week period. 

Why 8 weeks? Buying life insurance can be overwhelming. After working with consumers over the years, I have found this is about the time frame they need to digest the information and then work towards taking action to secure the best policy. 

Plus let’s be realistic, life is fast paced! As much as everyone wants to get things off their to-do list it just takes longer. These videos are designed to walk you through the process in an easy manner. They provide bite sized life insurance tips that you can use while researching your options. 

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