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Melissa Schreur has 16+ years helping consumers choose the best insurance protection. As a military spouse, she is dedicated to delivering world-class service to her customers. Insure The Heroes, Inc. an Independent Life Insurance Brokerage is owned and operated by Melissa. She helps military families(past & present), parents and business owners secure affordable term life insurance coverage.
sgli during shutdown

Are Military Death Benefits Paid During Government Shutdowns?

Military families are resilient and can handle a lot of challenges. It’s what makes us a unique and a vital part of our nation’s defense. Many service members cannot do their jobs well without a firm foundation at home. Every year we dread the news that government operations will cease and paychecks will be on hold for an unknown period of time.
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how much does life insurance cost

How much does life insurance cost?

How much is life insurance per month? You're not the only person looking for the average life insurance cost! There is a plethora of insurance products and insurance companies out there for life insurance. Consumers, like you, are looking for cheap life insurance rates. Truthfully, there really is no average life insurance premium!
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how much life insurance do i need

How much life insurance do I need?

A rule of thumb for life insurance is to purchase 7-10 times your income. While this may be a quick and easy way to calculate the amount of life insurance needed, there is a more accurate method. It's best to use a life insurance needs calculator. This is also referred to as a needs analysis or calculation formula. To make it easy you can use an online life insurance calculator.
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when to buy life insurance

When to Buy Life Insurance?

Knowing when to buy coverage makes the process knows when they are going to die. However, there are times when purchasing life insurance is common. You may be wondering "at what age should I get life insurance?" Generally, getting life insurance at a young age is best. Premiums are cheaper when you are younger.
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group life insurance

Group Life Insurance Pros & Cons

Group life insurance is employer paid life insurance. Employers offer coverage of 1-3 times your annual salary in your benefits package. While employer paid life plans sound great, don't be fooled thinking you don't need supplemental life insurance. Work life insurance should only be part of your family's protection plan.
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Do I need life insurance

Do I need life insurance?

Many consumers wonder who needs life insurance coverage! One of the most common motivations to buy life insurance is to cover the cost of mortgage debt. Another runner up would be for funeral costs. It's a good idea to stop and consider what your family's greatest need would be if you pass away. This is how you can begin to decide on the death benefit amount.
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how does life insurance work

How does life insurance work?

What is life insurance and how does it work? You may have heard that buying life insurance coverage is a good idea. However, you’d like to know how exactly it works first! The simplest explanation is that if you agree to pay your premiums to a life insurance company then your beneficiaries receive a death benefit when you die.
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best life insurance for military

Best Life Insurance for Military Families

Where can you find the best life insurance for military families? Whether you are active duty military, a spouse or prior armed forces member, you need to know where to find a plan. There are a handful of companies that offer life insurance to military personnel. The biggest issue I see in the military community is families not having an understanding how each company works.
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Video Series – How much coverage do you need?

3 easy steps – watch the video, use the needs analysis calculator below and then get a quote!
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Video Series – Pitfalls to military life insurance continuation

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Family Life Insurance

Family life insurance coverage is a combination of policies or riders that provide a death benefit if your family members die. While there are a lot of life insurance products, a common misconception is that there is a package plan. There is no package that will cover the whole family. There are benefit riders that can provide some protection for spouses and children. Often these riders don’t fit your family needs.
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insure the heroes life insurance

Military Life Insurance

Military life insurance is a low-cost option for families. The biggest misconception is that servicemembers and their spouses d not need any other life insurance coverage! Many families are under the impression their benefit through the government is good enough. This concept hurts their family financially should they lose a servicemeber or spouse.
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Life Insurance 101

How does life insurance work? Many consumers are left without the information they need to make an informed purchase decision. Between the endless solicitations on TV, online, direct mail and sales calls they just give up! Buying life insurance doesn’t have to be confusing. Once you understand the basics, you’ll feel confident you made the right decision.
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